Acton, London

Project Information

Client: Acton
Location: Acton, London
Surface Area: 10,296m2
Main Contractor: Underhill Engineering
Architect: Househam Henderson
Structural Engineer: Scott Wilson

The Challenges

Conversion of existing warehouse into a data storage facility.

Diamond saw cut and install piling mattress for 182 reinforced piles, cut down piles and form pilecaps with holding down assembly to carry 10,296m2 of 150mm thick concrete mezzanine floor including disposal of contaminated / toxic excavated material.

Structural engineering works included:

  • Diamond sawing
  • Breaking out existing concrete floor
  • Probing for piles
  • Installing piling mattress
  • Reinforced ground beams & pile caps
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Cutting down piles
  • Excavate and dispose of contaminated material
  • Demolish and infill dock levellers
  • Demolish block walls
  • Concrete restoration to existing ground bearing floors
  • Holding down bolt assembly
  • Clay drainage