Addison Road

Project Information

Location: Holland Park, London
Main Contractor: Holloway White Allom
Architect: ABA International
Structural Engineers: Trigram

The Challenges

Refurbished Prime Detached home

Temporary support to existing house on piles, install secant piled wall with capping beam, excavate 9m deep basement below the water table to form reinforced concrete swimming pool, plunge pool, gym and strong room beneath the house and the garden.

Structural engineering works included:

  • Excavate top soil and install piling mat
  • Removal of in excess 32,000 M3 of water
  • Install King Post to support adjacent garden walls
  • Prop existing house on piles and beams
  • 8m deep underpins
  • Capping beam
  • Cutting down piles
  • Bulk excavation
  • Top down construction to southern slab
  • Cetco Volclay Voltex waterproof membrane
  • Reinforced concrete walls ,slabs and stairs
  • New Hayden pumping station
  • Cast iron drainage
  • Cellcore under slab
  • Foamglas wallboard
  • Sprayed concrete